Monday, August 27, 2012

Home: Our Front Porch

House debut! Here we go! I'm going to start out by showing the only part of the house that is actually done, and  where we have been spending most of our summer.  Our front porch! This is admittedly, my favorite part of the house and one of my must haves when shopping for a home. I love big breezy porches where I can spend an evening avoiding mosquitos (thanks to the porch fan), and enjoying summer's twilight.

Our red door. Our storm door is held open by on of J's alley finds. I added the candles for a welcoming touch (the lanterns are from ikea). The little red bowl matches nicely, but it is actually water for our kitty Camilla who has enjoyed becoming an indoor/outdoor cat (don't worry, she actually doesn't leave the porch most evenings, and generally just joins us when we sit outside - kitties need refreshments too).

Our porch color is currently a grey blue, while the ceiling is a great minty color that I love.  Our aloes have been super happy out on this covered porch...our other plants...not so much.

happy aloes!

We found our wooden chairs at Home Goods. Our rocking chair was another one of J's alley finds, which cleaned and he fixed. J's aunt purchased the wicker side table for us, and the lovely green seat cover is from Home Depot.

In the future, I'd like to repaint and perhaps purchase an antique glider. Next summer, I need to be better at keeping my plants alive on the front southern facing porch -- I spend so much time watering and caring for the back yard and our cottage garden, that I forget about these little guys (as you can see from the pictures). Thank goodness those aloes are hearty!

Where do you spend your summers? What does your outside space look like?


Mrs. Bama said...

OH MY GOSH!! I want your house!

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i love the little stairs for the candles. how did you get those?

M. Eileen said...

@ Julia - We actually found the stairs in an alley when we were living downtown. We cleaned it up and originally used it to house plants on our little balcony!

@Mrs. Bama - come on and visit anytime you want!

Kristin W said...

I'm so impressed! What a gorgeous front porch!