Sunday, August 19, 2012

summer in the form of instagram

Yesterday evening I was driving home around 8pm from one of those ladies nights that make you feel so warm about the women you have come to know, and the woman you have become, and it hit me. Twilight was upon us, and summer was coming to a close.  I haven't taken many pictures this summer, but what I have taken can be found on instagram, so I thought I'd share a few.

green tomatoes
summer berries
Chalkboard doors
Farmers markets
mountain drive
new short hair
key lime pie
Pie, pie, pie
River City


Mrs. Bama said...

please please PLEASE come back to Germany and help my poor garden. You have your momma's green thumb - your garden looks amazing!! miss you

AbbieBabble said...

Three things:

1. Aren't those ladies' nights the best? Those moments in general, really, where you are just struck by how good your life is, and how lucky you are. I love that.

2. Those tomatoes look GORGEOUS!

3. Cute haircut!