Monday, December 17, 2012

"You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin."

That quote was above was said by Franz von Suppe a composer during the late 18th and early 19th century - but boy, do those words still apply, you must go to Berlin.  It is a wonderful and beautiful city, filled with so much to do!  Though Berlin was a bit off of our beaten path, I had it in my head that we must visit.  Because our schedule was so jammed packed, we were only in Berlin for 36 hours. We didn't have a guide book at this point, so we walked as much as we could, wandered through the Tiergarten, ate lots of currywurst, and even rented bikes (don't laugh at pictures of me in my helmet! Safety first!). 

Tiergarten canal


underground light show

remnant of the Berlin wall

Save our Planet

In East Berlin

"check point charlie"

a blending of new and old architecture

Neue Wache, a memorial to the victims of war and tyranny

visiting German used book stores...

delicious meals

Biking Berlin

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Brandenberg Gate

The least silly picture of me on the bike Jon took all weekend.

More Currywurst

Exploring the neighborhoods of East Berlin
Remnants of the Berlin Wall at the Topography of Terror

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-Nada. Berlin is a city that is easy to navigate on bike, metro, or foot. Walk and explore!

-H'otello Berlin in the cutest neighborhood of Charlottenburg. By far the most comfortable beds and it was just lovely!

Things to do, eat, see
-Walk through the Tiergarten
- Rent bikes (we used Fat Tire: Berlin)
-Visit the remnants of the Berlin Wall, check out the Topography of Terror (and outdoor museum that examines the rise of the Nazi regime in Berlin, WWII and the creation of the wall)
- Eat currywurst on the street. Delicious.
- Saunter through Charlottenburg. Beautiful!

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