Thursday, November 18, 2010

sweet potato soup

Though the fall weather has been quite mild, I've still been craving hearty soups and stews. We've been getting a plethora of sweet potatoes from our CSA and so the other week I whipped up some sweet potato soup. I don't have a recipe, I just called my momma and guestimated....

EBD's modified Moosewood Cookbook Sweet Potato Soup!
one onion, diced
one clove of garlic, diced
3 large sweet potatoes
1/2 cup of OJ
tblspn of butter
salt to taste
pepper to taste
1 cup of veggie broth (you can also use chicken broth or you can omit this all mom told me not to use any broth but I chose to use it because I already had an open container of veggie broth and needed to get rid of it anyways :-))

Boil sweet potatoes until they are done (nice and soft, stabable with a fork). Meanwhile, saute onions, garlic with one tblspn of butter and a tblspn of olive oil until soft (listen, this is how my Italian mother taught me to saute, it makes everything delicious, just trust me, the rest of the recipe is healthy enough. USE THE BUTTER- unless of course you are vegan). Add cumin and ginger, salt and pepper to the onions and garlic.

Once everything is nice and soft, put the sweet potatoes and half the onion/garlic mix in the blender (you can put all of it in but I like chunks) and blend with the veggie broth and OJ- hit liquefy!!!!!! Once everything nice and smooth (also, you can adjust the veggie broth and OJ depending on how thick or thin you want the soup) pour it back into the pot, add the remaining garlic and onion mixture and heat back up. You may want to taste it now and see if you want to add more salt, pepper, cumin, ginger or some spices of your own.

I hope you enjoy!

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